Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Denim is NOT my best friend but is comfy, inmortal and fabulous. Who can resist to a pair of skinny jeans? Well, I CAN'T, but in the other hand I think is too easy to find it anywhere and everywhere, so it bores me a bit. Anyway these convictions ended in the trash today because I dressed with denim and I loved.

La mezclilla NO es mi mejor amiga, y a pesar de ser cool, inmortal y genial, la creo muy simplona y común, tanto que a donde mires la encuentras. De todos modos hoy (y otras  "tantas" veces) me he tragado mis palabras y me he rendido. Mezclilla me gustas.


  1. Denim is fabulous, practical and common, but comfortable, the best option for a common day!
    I invite u to visit, Yasmina

  2. Darling you look great!!! Denim is so comfy and cool! :D



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