Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pretty in love

I was born to love the spring and also to love pretty dresses, but  this is TOO MUCH! I'm ready to go out looking like this.  My heart is going to explode <3 / Si hay un par de cosas para las que nací es para amar a la primavera y para amar locamente a los vestidos. Este sí que es DEMASIADO! me siento lista para usarlo, me encanta <3

( dress: Ulyana Seergenko. Picture from: photographed by Phil Oh)


  1. Elena Perminova looks fabulous in this goddess-like creation! I love the dusty pink hue and the flowers, so sweet and feminine! You have a wonderful blog darling. I like how you put an accent on details. Details make life beautiful!

    Following your amazing blog from now on;)



  2. Wow!!! Es precioso, pero me imagino que muy difícil de usar para una simple mortal como yo, jaja :P

  3. Hello cutie! :) Oooh it is soo wonderful! <3 I love it!! And thank you for your sweet comment! I am back now, feel loads better and I will come back with pretty pictures! In the meantime, I'm looking at all of yours and smiling, how PRETTY! :)))

  4. Ulyana es genial y sus vestidos son tan inspiradores <3 que ganas de tener uno propio!



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