Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Upside down

When autum arrives the colored memories are the only way to have a good feeling about the upcoming months.

This was my last pastel outfit and probably the only one of the season, is going to be very weird to look like a of cupcake in the middle of the winter. Here everything is turning very cold.

Ahora que el otoño llegó, las memorias de mis días coloridos y soleados, son casi la única manera de recordar que hace tan sólo unas semanas atrás  podía salir de casa sin chaquetas y sin tiritar.

Este fue mi último outfit pastel, tal vez el único que pude disfrutar en pleno, ya que lucir como un cupcake rosado en medio de la lluvia y el invierno tal vez no sea el panorama más cómodo en los meses siguientes.  Acá todo se puso frío :(


  1. Such pretty colors! I love the outfit!!
    It's so weird to think that I'm going into summer and you're leaving it..haha...sad sad XD

  2. ¡¡Qué maravilla de outfit pastel, perfecto para ser el último!!

    Besos rojos guapa ;-)

  3. me encantó tooodo el look!!!! y para nada te ves como cupcake, o bueno, que no es ese el punto de usar pastels?? jajaja en fin, besos a la blogger mas estiloza del mundo y a su linda mascotita masticadora!!

  4. Estas monisima,me encanta como has combinado todo,besitos.

  5. Nice outfit, loove the colors of the pastels ♥
    I love your pastel green jeans :)
    lol @ look like a cupcake in the middle of winter.

    Thanks for your comment on my new post! :D
    My twin, told me that there are natural hair dye products, all I know of is Henna.
    And now I know other natural products, thank to you! :D

    Just wondering, can one achieve the ombre hair with other natural products?
    Cuz I really want the ombre hair :/


  6. You wear your pastels well. Great picture. The weather is finally getting warmer over here!


    Fashion Nostalgia

  7. Te envío muchisimo calor desde aquí guapisima =)!


  8. Oh wow, thank you for your informative comment on ombre hair with natural products!
    I'm def. going to research on it more, and hooopefully I can dye my hair, using natural products and to ge the ombre look. :D

    Just wondering, did you try both, the honey and the chamomile?

    -Eliza :)

  9. Buenas preciosa! Muchas gracias por pasarte (: Me ha encantado el look pastel! Muy buena combinación

    Un besoote enorme desde

  10. Me encanta! Mint + rosa combinación perfecta!
    Besos <3

  11. i love the color mix!! perfect for spring!

  12. Hey Deppa, thanks for your comment on my portrait painting post :D

    Thank you for all your info about natural products, I'm def. going to look into it more, and I saw your post, magic in my hair. :)
    Love the pics.
    I would have never thought, rice water would be used for beauty. O.o
    I found out by the t.v. yesterday, ladies in Asia, use the water from the rice to wash their hands and face, it prevents brown spots from coming.
    Pretty powerful! lol. :D


  13. Wow your pastel outfit is so nice. My last outfit is also in pastel colours.
    Love J.

  14. Pues que pena que sea el último en tono pastel, te quedan muy bien esos tonos!!
    Te mando mil besos, muakkkkks!



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