Friday, January 6, 2012

Anyway you want to

For so many years I felt very dumb and nerd buttoning up my shirt neck, probably the main reason was because at school I used to wear an uniform and only the nerd people wore them that way.

Yesterday I broke the “nerd rule” and now I love it :) So I’m ready to break with my old times.

See you!

Por muchísimos años sentí que abotonar las camisas hasta el cuello era muy torpe y sinónimo de un look “Nerd”. La principal razón seguramente la heredé de mis años de escuela, cuando el uniforme y la corbata me obligaban a lucir como yo no quería  :(

Ayer por fin rompí la regla del “abotonado nerd” y admito que me encanta, así que a mis tiernos 23 por fin superé mis manías de niña :)

Nos vemos.


  1. a mi me pasaba igual!! y ahora me encanta hacerlo! un beso!

  2. love it buttoned up!


  3. A mi me paso lo mismo, me costo bastante.

  4. Love this! so classy
    Great post! Thanks for sharing.
    Stop by and check out my new post!
    xoxo, A

  5. i didn't used to buttoned all up either, but it seems like trendy to do so now:)) Happy new year to you!!

  6. I love doing up the top button!
    I think it looks really cute :)
    Teenage Daydreams X

  7. Ohh yes!! i love buttoning shirts all the way up! It's so in right now and i love it too! who knew that the nerds would set the trends? ;)
    Happy New Year Deppa! :)))

  8. i like to see shirt necks buttoned up on others... and i love to see it on you - but i still feel very old fashioned when i do it myself.

  9. Haha, great that you broke the 'nerd rule' :)! I don't know what it is to wear a uniform... I'm going to start again with my blog b.t.w.!

  10. ¡¡Me encantan cerraditas hasta arriba!!

    Besos rojos ;-)

  11. Una blusa muy bonita, tiene un color precioso!!Besos!



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