Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I don’t want to be a soldier

Dear winter:
I promise you  that I will do my best efford to resist the cold weather wearing my beatiful clothes, but please promise me that you wont let me  sick  and sometimes you will give me the oportunity to see the blue sky and also the sun.
Is very important to me that you don’t kill the flowers in my garden, and also don’t be too aggressive with my skin and my hair.
Regards and welcome to the south hemisphere :)
Querido invierno:
Te prometo con todo mi corazón que resistiré al frío de esta temporada usando la ropa más abrigadora que encuentre en mi armario, pero por favor prométeme tú a mi que no te empeñarás en perseguirme y enfermarme. Además dame la oportunidad de, al menos, ver unos cuantos días a la semana el cielo azul y a su amigo el sol.
Es primordial que no mates a las flores de mi jardín, y por favor no seas agresivo con mi piel y mi cabello.
Saludos y bienvenido seas al hemisferio sur :)


  1. Demasiado bello :D, la foto esta genial

  2. interesting:)) cute strip sweater!!

  3. bonito texto para el invierno...

  4. Que bonita l foto y el escrito! el jersey es monisimo!

  5. Haha! Oh winter! It's been pretty good here so far, so things are looking up for you! :)

    Love this post.


  6. Hi Deppa! How are you? I love your picture and the sweater! I just saw a similar sweater on Michael Kors and I want to buy it but it was kind of expensive. Hopefully, the weather gets better soon and you see plenty of sunshine! xoxoxoo

  7. Beautiful photo! I enjoyed reading this post! (:

  8. jeje me encantó la foto, y la "oracion" al invierno ;) un beso!

  9. Hey Deppa! Did you change your header?! It looks so great! I hope the weather improves where you are! Have an awesome day! xoxoxoo



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