Sunday, April 10, 2011

Was a long and dark december

As I told a few days ago I bought this oversized sweater and today I’m still trying to discover what I’m going to do with it. Of course that you wrote me tons of ideas and sugestions and I’ll try to implement them soon.
See you and have a nice week :)

Como te dije  hace un par de días compré este oversized sweater y hoy domingo aún sigo sin saber qué hacer con él. Obviamente recibí varias sugerencias para combinarlo así que estaré atenta a aplicar dichas ideas.
Nos vemos y que empiecen una excelente semana :)


  1. Que bonito!!!!!! Que tal con jeans pitillo y oxford? Es una combinación sencilla pero funcionará bien, aunque también me lo imagino con una falda larga.


  2. Wow, that top is like the night sky! What a great buy! I can see it over a simple pair of dark skinny jeans and flats.

  3. Me encantan las fotos y el jersey!

    Con jeans, leggins, tacones, converse...¿no?

    Besos rojos ;-)

  4. que bonita prenda me encanta!!:D

    el color es maravilloso!:P


  5. I love it! The color is great!

  6. Hi Deppa! It's such a beautiful sweater! I think you can do so many things with it! I would wear it with black skinny jeans or with leather shorts! Or I'll wear it alone with other bright accessories!

    Thank you so much for such a great comment! You're so right about love! I definitely feel like I was born in the wrong period too! I wish people are more polite and sincere to each other! xoxoxoo

  7. Me encantaaaaaaaa!!! Pero...por allá hace frío? jajaja, me pongo yo eso ahora y empiezo a sudar como un cerdo XD

    Sí...lo de la botella verde era algo muy sano...aunque si me ves en las últimas fotos con esa vaso naranja que sostengo en las manos...creo que es también muy "sano"...jajajajaja.

    Buen lunes! <3

  8. Really pretty!!!!
    i guess it will be your way to welcome the next winter! ;)

  9. Wow great find! love the color ;)


  10. it's a lovely top,. seriously....if im to wear, now i pictured out that id like a ripped black skinny jeans and a sexy platform=) its one of a kind. p.s. (i forgot)re the baby blog,i so long wnted to have one for him, but my time is a chase...I had infact chosen a theme online 2 months ago?..

  11. que bonito el jumper!!


  12. Oh wow! Es perfecto el color, imaginé que sería mucho más brillante, pero creo que tiene las lentejuelas adecuadas, ni muchas ni tantas! Ya quiero ver como lo vistes, yo ya imaginé uno que otro outfit como lo llevaría yo! Bonita semana!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  13. i dont know why you didn't like it! it's a beautiful sweater and there's so much you can do with it!
    can't wait to see what you're gonna change in it! :)

  14. that sweater is so lovely!! the color is beautiful! :)

  15. Me ha encantado el suéter! Es súper bonito!
    Un saludo,
    Rocio C.

  16. oh i love your blue over sized sweater looking for one like that!!!maybe we can follow each others blog?

    tata xoxo



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