Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oh it’s not fair and it’s really not ok, it’s really not ok

Today something terrible happened to me. I was a happy girl because I was going to shopp my new mocasins! and then I arrived to the store and I said to the salesman: “I’m looking for those brown mocasins, you know what Im talking about” and you wont believe what he said: “Oh yes I know but they are not here anymore”
:O You can imagine how bad I felt, it was a terrible situation and now I’m still here without those lovely shoes.
I’m sure that you know what I’m talking about. Any similar experience?
(Do you like my new ring?)
See you!

Hoy me algo terrible me sucedió. Allí estaba yo, una muchacha feliz camino a comprarse un nuevo par de zapatos, no demoré mucho tiempo en llegar a la tienda y fui bastante rápida en decirle al vendedor: “Hola, quiero esos mocasines en color café, ya sabes cuales son”…a lo que él no tardó en responder: “Sí claro, ya no están se acabaron”
:O Ya podrás imaginar la tremenda decepción que se apoderó de mi, sensación que aún sigue mientras lamento no tener esos zapatos :(
Estoy segura de que sabes a lo que me refiero, ¿alguna experiencia similar?
(¿te gusta mi anillo nuevo?)
¡Nos vemos!


  1. oowww i'm sorry! i've been through that experience as well! i wanted some oxford shoes i'd seen before, but when i finally decided to buy them, they were sold out! i had to buy a pair with another design... but now i've come to enjoy my new shoes just as much. find something else to replace your mocassins!

  2. Pooo!!! Maybe you can find them online? :/
    Love that ring though :d

  3. I know exactly how you feel! That's always a downside to shopping...that you won't get what you want. Great ring though!

  4. Buuu! Definitivamente, es la historia de mi vida ... me ha pasado tantas veces, y es muy triste! ... Por que suelen ser cosas perfectas, mi papá me dijo algo muy sabio, si te gusta corre y compralo! Espero que encuentres algo similar pronto, ese anillo es super lindo!

    <3 Cess O.

  5. Cuando nos pasa esto nos prometemos que no nos volverá a suceder.... yo soy de las que si lo veo y me gusta, lo compro, una vez en casa ya tendré tiempo para pensarlo ;)

  6. Wow, very particular ring!!!

    a kiss

  7. Hi Deppa! Aww...that's so sad! I know the feeling so well. I was thinking of buying these shorts from Topshop the other day but then I decided not to. But then it was sold out when I actually want to buy it the next day!! I love your ring! It's great that you can open it up :-) xoxoxoo

  8. Me pasa mas de lo que quisiera pero el anillo es precioso.


  9. Gracias por pasarte por mi blog!
    Tienes un blog precioso, el plazo es mas o menos hasta mediados de Marzo!
    Un besooo

  10. aww such a cute ring! soo sorry you didnt get the mocasins :(



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