Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Your love's got me lookin so crazy right now

Because this is the previous week before Valentine’s day, this post will be about a romantic and controversial story.
Last sunday a woman called Grace,  was very sad (and desperate) because her boyfriend was  going to travel for a long trip abroad (8 months in a cruise), decided to call to the airport to advertise a bomb in the plane. You can imagine how complicated was the situation and after hours they noticed that it was a fake advertisement.
The woman said: "It was a crazy of love, I can’t be away from him, I love him”
While the law decides  what to do with  the woman. What do you think about follies of love? What do you think about the woman who invented that bomb story?
Como estamos en la semana previa al día de San Valentín, este post será sobre una historia de amor bastante controversial.
El pasado domingo, una mujer llamada Grace, estaba muy triste (y desesperada) porque su novio se iba de viaje durante 8 meses a trabajar en un crucero, decidió llamar al aeropuerto para anunciar la presencia de una bomba en el avión. Ya podrás imaginarte el caos que esa llamada anónima provocó, y luego de horas lograron darse cuenta que había sido una falsa alarma.
Según la mujer lo hizo por amor y porque no podría estar alejada del hombre que amaba.
Así que mientras al ley decide qué hacer con ella. ¿Qué opinas de las locuras de amor?, ¿Qué crees que la ley debe hacer con la mujer?


  1. First, LOVE the outfit!
    Second, wow...what a crazy story...that wasn't very smart of the woman, haha...

  2. Me encanta tu conjunto, el bolso es precioso. Sobre locuras de amor... yo soy demasiado cerebral pero de vez en cuando es recomendable hacer alguna.

  3. Hi Deppa! What a lovely polka dot skirt! And OMG, I can't believe she actually faked a bomb story just to get her boyfriend off the plane. It's a bit extreme. I think she should just travel with him instead :-). And thank you for offering to bake a lemon cake for me! If we meet each other in person, I know what I'm going to ask, haha :-) xoxoxoo

  4. Love your outfit, the polkadots are so gorgeous! :D
    I'd rather join my boyfriend in the cruise than try to keep him for going at all! Poor woman must have been desperate, but it's still no excuse for what she did.

  5. haha i deff had to warn my aunt about that bag! haha i love it though!

  6. Es que por amor se hacen muchas locuras!! Uno muchas veces hace muchas cosas de las que luego se arrepiente!! pero por amor lo vale , no? look estupendo me encanta el blazer!
    Un beso!

  7. Me gusta mucho tu falda!!


  8. Oye, loca de amor la chica, eh? I mean it's one thing to be so in love but it's another to jeopardize national security!

    I love that skirt on you + the blazer = winner!



  9. answer:thanks for your lovely comment!!*_*

  10. You look so cute! Love your skirt!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  11. Oh, so you think Patrick Dempsey is sexier than my man Matt Bomer, eh? There's no competition! haha..just kidding Deppa :-) xoxoxoo

  12. Yo en San Valentin estoy más solo que la una asi que...

    sabes algo más d elas ftos? venga q segur que lo sacas!!! jaja :D


  13. Hello !! If I were the woman I would do the same thing :P !! Because I wouldn't be able to live 8 mouths without my boyfrend :P

    Anyway...I love your pictures & outfit :DD !!
    Very beautiful ^^


  14. great look!!! you are soooo lovely! :)
    COOL BLOG! kisses!

    chck mine too if you want:

  15. CRAZY! She's not in love, she's obsessed! Bombs...not very romantic! I'm super excited for Valentine's some good flirting to do. Haha! Gorgeous blazer btw.



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