Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bloglovin what?

Hi readers, today I didn't want to post an outfit picture, so I decided to show you one of the best tools of the blogger community. If you are a blogger and you already know it, please comeback tomorrow ;) But also I know that here are a lot of readers who doesn't own a blog.
BLOGLOVIN is a page where you can make an account, and then you must follow to all your favourite blogs and get all the updates in that account. You don't need to go to every blog without know if there are a new post.. You just must to go to bloglovin and there will be all the "blog news" from your favourite blogs around the world.
Easy easy easy! and you win lots of time ;)

Try it! 
See you sunshines!

Hola adorables lectores, hoy decidí hace un post simple acerca de una de las mejores herramientas de la comunidad bloggera (y también de la comunidad lectora)
BLOGLOVIN! es una página donde te creas una cuenta y desde allí te dedicas a seguir todas las actualizaciones que realicen tus blogs favoritos. Una vez que ya la tengas activada, vas a cada blog que te guste y te haces un "seguidor" de ellos mediante BLOGLOVIN. Luego ya no tendrás que visitar blogs sin que ellos hayan actualizado, sólo abre tu página BLOGLOVIN y ahí tendrás todas las novedades. Es muy simple y te ahorras muchísimo tiempo.
Personalemente yo adoro este sistema.
¿Qué te parece? Inténtalo y verás ;)

Nos vemos!


  1. *click* i am following u now :) also on bloglovin!

    PS, love ur blue dress!

  2. Yep, bloglovin is a great tool:)

    ♥ kisses ♥

  3. Hey Deppa!! I joined bloglovin a while ago..I wish I signed up for it years ago though! I love your outfit below! The bag is so classy! xoxoxoo

  4. toatlly agree!! bloglovin is a really great site! :)



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